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Gourmet and Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gifts for Clients, Coworkers, Friends or Family 

As 2022 begins, how many of us are making plans to be healthier?  I know I am, but how? There are many ways we can increase our health this year. Some of them seem way harder than others, like running a marathon or maybe goat yoga. 

While these are both great ideas, I suggest that we all start with something a little bit easier. Add more quality olive oil to our diet. For the fifth year in a row, the Mediterranean diet ranks as the best overall diet according to U.S. News & World Report. If you don’t already know, the main component of the Mediterranean diet is extra virgin olive oil. Now I don’t know about you, but I would love to add a good olive oil to my diet and finish the year healthier than I started. (Maybe I can add in the marathon and the goat yoga next year. 😊 ) 

Real Olive Oil for Clients and Coworkers 

Be careful though when purchasing the extra virgin olive oil for your new health plan. There is a difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. If you want the health benefits, there is certain criteria you need to look for. A true extra virgin olive oil will be polyphenol rich and have a high polyphenol count (over 400).  These polyphenols in the oil are micronutrients that are found in plant foods. These micronutrients are believed to improve cardiovascular health as well as cognitive function. The main polyphenol found in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) is oleocanthal. Another way to ensure that your olive oil is healthy is to buy oil that is certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). In order for an oil to be certified, it must first pass a few rigorous tests. The oil must be below .5 percent acidity and below 15 peroxide value. It also must be first press with no external heat or chemicals used in the processing. Lastly, the oil must pass a sensory analysis.  

High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This may sound very complicated, but I have good news for you. Pasolivo’s extra virgin olive oil meets every one of these standards and is certified by the California Olive Oil Council. Our polyphenol counts are in the 500 to 600s. Therefore, Pasolivo is the perfect place to buy the best extra virgin olive oil for your new healthy eating plan. In addition to passing these standards, our products are hand-picked and estate grown. We watch over the process from beginning to end in order to maintain the quality of our product. This is how we consistently produce award-winning California olive oil.   

So the health benefits are great, but does it taste good?  That’s the best part! Every award-winning extra virgin olive oil and flavored olive oil that we produce tastes amazing. 

This new healthy addition to our diets is great for ourselves, but it’s even better if we share it. How can we do that? By gifting these amazing award winning olive oils to others.   

Luxury Olive Oil Corporate Gifts

When thinking about food gift ideas, let’s break our gifts into categories. We’ll start with some luxury corporate gift ideas. Pasolivo offers many beautiful and unique corporate gifts.  Many times throughout the year you will be choosing corporate gifts for clients. So, take a look at gourmet food gifts from Pasolivo, pick your favorite olive oil gift set and send that out this year. As an added benefit, Pasolivo works diligently to ensure not only the quality of the products in our corporate gift baskets, but quality and beauty of our packaging as well.  When your clients receive these luxury corporate gifts, they will know that you truly appreciate them. 


California Olive Oil Gift SetAs we think about the people in our lives, another important group is our coworkers. We spend so many hours of our week with our coworkers which means we have a great opportunity to influence each other for the better or for the worse. Let’s see if we can influence each other for the better in 2022. A great way to start is by giving food gift baskets that are encouraging, fun and healthy.  This doesn’t mean we have to stop the flowers or the endless supply of birthday cakes each month, but olive oil gift sets can be a healthy addition. 

Olive Oil Gifts for FoodiesNow that takes care of corporate food gifts and coworker gifts, but what about our family and friends?  We don’t want them to feel left out, especially if we need gifts for a foodie friend. Gifts for a foodie need to be something special. Pasolivo has the best food gifts for your family and friends. Whether they love California evoo or flavored olive oil, we’ve got you covered, or maybe they love knowing you bought them a small batch unique luxury gift. Either way, Pasolivo is the answer.   


Custom Olive Oil Corporate GiftsSo, I might be ready for a marathon and goat yoga next year, but this year I’m going to add more of something that is delicious and healthy at the same time. Let’s all work together in 2022 to build each other up in the healthiest ways possible, and let’s start by adding more Pasolivo olive oil to our diet.

Feel free to contact me directly if you would like me to help you build customized bundles not found on the website. Together we’ll build the perfect healthy gifts!  




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