What are Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for 2023?

What are Unique Corporate Gift Ideas 2023?


Why do any of us send corporate gifts? We want to want to recognize, appreciate, or connect with a client or employee, right?

So where do we start? We think about what kind of gift to send. We think about what options are out there and what that person would prefer.

What are the first gifts that come to mind? Chocolate? Wine? Maybe Popcorn? These are nice options. They can be indulgent or elegant or even fun. But, what happens when the person opens the gift? Do you want them to be thinking, “Oh, yay, this is what I get every time. Thank you so much.”?

Picture this: a truly unique gift that will surprise them and delight them at the same time! How can you make this happen?

What makes a gift unique? Maybe it’s an uncommon or hard to find item. Maybe it’s from a small, family-owned company that mostly caters to their local area, making it like a well-kept secret and an amazing find when you happen upon it. A truly unique gift combines these factors. And, once we find a truly unique and well-kept secret what do we want to do? Share it!

Pasolivo olive oil gifts are that secret that you want to share. Our international award-winning olive oils are created on a family-owned orchard that caters to the central coast of California. We’re like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We’re so proud of our gourmet olive oils that we take them to world olive oil competitions every year and come back with medals.  Not only are our extra virgin olive oils packed with flavor, they are also packed with polyphenols which make them a healthy gift option as well. So, our truly unique gourmet olive oil gifts are beautiful, taste amazing, and promote health and wellness at the same time, what can be better?

Now that you have happened upon us, you need to explore the world-class quality and flavors that we offer and share it with others.



The next time you have birthdays in your office, how about trying something new?  Instead of yet another group birthday cake for the month, have a Pasolivo Office Party! Our Entertainer Set is the perfect answer to celebrating in a new and exciting way that is unique and promotes health and wellness at your office. Get the party started with 2 gourmet flavored olive oils, 2 rich and flavorful vinegars, 1 jar of stuffed olives, 1 flavored mustard, 2 spice blends and 1 flavored salt. Just add bread for dipping, and you have an instant party!



Or, if you are looking to send out Client appreciation gifts or thank you gifts that will surprise and delight, Pasolivo’s customizable 100ml gift sets deliver our gourmet flavors wrapped in elegant packaging that adds a layer of beauty to your gifts. This 100ml gift set is one our most popular options because it can be customized to include 6 unique gourmet flavored olive oils, or the flavors can be split up to include 3 olive oils and 3 flavored vinegars. No matter what you choose, your gift to them will be packed with flavor and wrapped in beautiful elegance that will delight them!

Visit our gift website at https://gifts.pasolivo.com/ to order your unique, award-winning, gourmet, beautiful olive oil gifts today!








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