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What are the best corporate gifts?

The term “positive workplace environment” is one most employees and working adults are likely aware of, and for good reason. The average person wants a job they are not only passionate about and enjoy, but also want to work in an environment where they feel valued, feel their work is valued, and where they can clock in to work each day knowing they are supported by their peers. As much as work is important, the people one works with are equally important and can arguably make or break job satisfaction. Finding a strong, supportive, and trusting group of people in a workplace is not always easy but thankfully, showing them your appreciation is.

Thanks to Pasolivo’s personalized gifting, creating high-end custom corporate gifts has never been simpler or more thoughtful. There are a variety of corporate gifts to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect, high-quality gifts for every person who has made working more enjoyable and manageable. You can also choose to curate perfect corporate food gifts for clients, the possibilities are truly endless.

Business Gifts Olive Oil

Not only are there a variety of both simple and luxury corporate gifts to choose from, you can also customize each of your gifts to create more personalized experiences, leaving the recipient feeling valued, overjoyed, and deeply appreciated. Our team is excited to help you throughout the gifting process. Whether you need help creating a gift basket or personalized card, our gift concierge and team of tasting room employees are well versed in all our products. They know which balsamic vinegars pair well with each of our award winning olive oil options, and will often recommend including our premium extra virgin olive with each food gift as this product never disappoints. If you want to make even more of a lasting impression, our team can help you create personalized cards for your gift boxes so that your positive impact and generosity are never forgotten.

With our wide selection of products, creating personalized corporate gifts and gourmet food gifts is simple and easy. We recognize that gift giving is sometimes stressful which is why we offer a variety of gift options at a reasonable price. There are gift boxes available for under $30 and we give you the option to curate custom corporate gifts for an employee, a client, or anyone else you want to thank. Whether you are interested in creating luxury corporate gifts for another company your team worked with, or simply want to thank an individual client who is a fellow foodie and loves creating new recipes, there truly are options for everyone. You can create corporate gift sets featuring our premium extra virgin olive oils, award-winning California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, spice blends, balsamic vinegars, or you can choose from our variety of bath and body products. Our spa gift set is a lovely luxury corporate gift idea that we highly recommend and personally love. This gift set includes a light Sweet Peach Pasolivo Candle, Grapefruit Body Butter, and Grapefruit Lotion that will leave the lucky recipient feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and beyond thankful for this generous gift.

Pasolivo Olive Oil Bath and Body Products

We also offer non-oil gift sets such as our Garlic Lemon Spice Trio that contains a myriad of spices including Pasolivo Tuscan Blend, Herbs de Provence, and Spicy Italian Blend. This is the perfect seasoning starter kit for anyone who already loves cooking, or for those that have been wanting to refine their culinary skills and create more meals but simply have not quite found the time to yet. The Grilling Bundle gift set is another great option for a coworker or friend in your life that is a grill master and loves a good burger or ribeye. This set comes with our Smokey Spice Blend Jar, Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Jar, Lemon Pepper Blend Jar, Hot Pepper Peach Bourbon Sauce, and Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You really cannot go wrong.

With all these options to choose from, you might feel slightly overwhelmed during the process of picking out the perfect corporate gift.

That is why our team is excited to help you and we have even gone ahead and grouped our California olive oil products based off their similar flavor profiles. For example, we have an entire gift set that solely features our citrus olive oils which contains our lemon, lime, tangerine, and citrus Olive Oils.

California Flavored Olive Oils

There is even a Savory Olive Oil Collection to choose from that contains our Basil, Tuscan, Garlic Lemon, and Rosemary olive oils. California evoo is delicious and we truly believe olive oils like ours, whether flavored with fruity undertones or more savory ones, can make a lasting impression in nearly anyone’s life. We want others to experience the satisfaction, joy, and immense happiness that comes from using our products and cannot wait to continue sharing our product, recipes, and ideas with you.

Ultimately, we want to help you make a lasting impression regardless of who you are giving to. Our team is dedicated to helping you create the perfect gift in a simple and stress-free way. We are available to answer your questions and concerns and are excited to help you craft the best corporate gift possible. Feel free to call us at 805.226.8800 or visit us in-person at our downtown Paso Robles location or Pasolivo ranch, we can’t wait to meet you!




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