Pasolivo Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tasting

Many people are very familiar with wine tasting, but did you know that you can do olive oil tasting too? Paso Robles is known for its amazing wines, but it is home to award winning, California olive oil producers too. When you are looking for things to do in Paso Robles, Pasolivo goes above and beyond when it comes to tasting olive oils. You are welcome to taste as many oils as you like (sometimes there are as many as 16 olive oils on the tasting flight). The oils are paired with different vinegars and balsamic as well as spices and salts as well. The Pasolivo associates enjoy sharing recipe ideas and ways to use the various products.

Pasolivo Staff Showcases the Real Olive Oil from Paso Robles, CA

For a full olive oil tasting experience, we recommend coming out to the ranch on the acclaimed Vineyard Drive in Paso Robles. You will enjoy the beautiful drive with many breathtaking views along the way. Once at Pasolivo, you can enjoy the rolling hills, towering oaks, and of course, the olive orchard. Pasolivo offers both indoor and outdoor tastings to guests.

Olive Oil Tasting Paso Robles

Once ready for your olive oil tasting, we highly recommend starting with our flight of award-winning extra virgin olive oils. We typically have four to five available to taste. We offer fresh bread with our tasting to help soak up all the delicious flavor. It is amazing how you can taste the difference between each of the oils based on the different olives used in each one.  After you have picked out your favorite EVOO’s from the group, if you can even decide, we welcome you to pick and choose different flavored oils you would like to try. Pasolivo offers everything from herbaceous oils like basil, spicy oils like red jalapeno, to citrusy oils like tangerine. We feel that each of our oils has an appropriate place in the kitchen.

The tasting of the flavored oils is where you get to really dive in and start experimenting with different pairings that will send your palate into a frenzy! Pasolivo Basil Olive Oil with Spicy Italian Blend seasoning and Tuscan Balsamic for your favorite dipping blend, or Tangerine Olive Oil with Sparkling Citrus Vinegar and Orange Blossom Honey for the perfect salad dressing, or the Red Jalapeno with the Smokey Spice Blend for a delectable rub on meats. The list goes on and on.

The Pasolivo olive oil tasting experience is like no other and should be included in your next wine tasting tour of Paso Robles. Who doesn’t like bread and delicious EVOO’s for a nice break between wine tastings? You will leave the tasting experience eager to hop in the kitchen and create your next amazing memory with these incredible products. If you are simply passing through Paso Robles or don’t find yourself on the Vineyard Drive trail, there is also a Pasolivo tasting room in Downtown Paso Robles. All the same products are offered, there just isn’t the same view.

Olive Oil Tasting Room at Pasolivo Ranch

Unable to make it to Paso Robles for an olive oil tasting? Have no fear! Pasolivo offers virtual olive oil tasting experiences as well. Have a group of friends, family, co- workers, or clients that would love an olive oil tasting experience? Our virtual tastings start with a minimum of 8 tasting kits that we ship to whatever addresses you would like and have one of our olive oil experts hop on with you for a full tasting of our award-winning olive oils and other specialty products. The kits also offer enough product to taste and to have some to experiment with after the olive oil tasting is over.

Pasolivo enjoys helping people create lasting memories with their family and friends through award winning, quality extra virgin olive oils, vinegars, spices, salts and more! Regardless of which olive oil tasting experience you participate in; we promise you won’t leave hungry or disappointed!



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