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Where Does Pasolivo Olive Oil Come From? 

The new year has just begun and with this fresh start often comes new resolutions. Maybe you plan on consistently going to the gym, starting your own passion project or side hustle, or maybe you simply want to make healthier choices when fueling your body. While the health benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil (evoo) are unmatched, not all olive oil is created equal. This raises the question, “Where does olive oil come from, and more specifically, where does Pasolivo’s Olive Oil come from?”

We Used California Olives That Were Grown, Harvested, and Cold-Pressed on Our Ranch.

At Pasolivo we are committed to creating high quality extra virgin olive oil from olives that are sustainably farmed in Paso Robles, California. Studies have shown that up to 70 percent of “extra virgin olive oil” sold on shelves today does not comply with U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. We do not compromise on quality or taste which is why our olives are cold pressed only hours after being picked. This results in true evoo that has only been extracted once and contains the health benefits many consumers are looking for. So, the next time you cook a meal, try incorporating a tablespoon of Pasolivo Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a peppery finish to your favorite home cooked meal or even drizzle some of our award-winning California olive oil on top of a fresh garden salad. Not only will you reap the health benefits from our oils’ free radicals and anti-inflammatory properties, you will also feel confident knowing exactly what you are consuming and how our oil was created.

What does “bottled by” mean? 

When you walk into grocery stores looking to purchase the best olive oil there are countless options to choose from. While some find comfort perusing the aisles and taking their time looking at new products and brands, others simply do not have the time, patience, or energy to analyze the labels of every product they intend to purchase. Even some of the best olive oil brands have misleading or confusing labels so understanding common wording used on packages can simplify the process of finding an EVOO or flavored oil that you love and feel confident purchasing.

The term “bottled by” means that the company listed on the olive oil label physically added the olive oil product to each bottle. So, unless the label also says “produced by” or otherwise, then the company listed on the label did not actually create the oil being sold.

What does “distributed by” mean? 

Pasolivo Olive Ranch in Central California

The term “distributed by” indicates the olive oil was not manufactured by the company on the label. In this case, the olive oil was likely imported from elsewhere, information that is also often not included on the label. Unless a bottle says “bottled by” and “produced by” or the like, consumers are left questioning what happened from the time the olives were harvested to the time they were pressed and later packaged. At Pasolivo, we eliminate this uncertainty. Our oils are harvested on site and quickly sent to the mill where they are processed within hours of coming off of the tree. After this stage, the work is not done. How fast olives are sent to the mill matters, but the lab results and taste of the oils are also extremely important.  Pasolivo goes through the extra virgin certification process each year which includes lab testing for acidity and peroxide values, as well as a blind tasting by an expert panel for flavor defects. Pasolivo oil is stored in stainless steel vats that are temperature controlled and have argon gas, protecting the oil from light, heat, and oxygen to ensure the highest quality possible. At our ranch we complete all these steps and have full control of every bottle. Each bottle of olive oil is high quality and will leave you wanting more. Now all that is left to decide is which award-winning extra virgin olive oil to choose? One way to find out is to join us on site for an olive oil tasting, or join the club to try them all; we would love to have you!

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