Our Favorite Pasolivo Bagel Toppings

Let’s face it, bagels can be boring. However, when you add Pasolivo and the right ingredients, you can come up with a mouthwatering meal. Here are our 4 favorite Pasolivo bagel toppings.

Bagel brushed with Pasolivo Red Jalapeño Olive Oil and toasted. Smeared with cream cheese mixed with Red Jalapeno Olive Oil and fresh, finely chopped jalapenos, topped with a fried egg and sprinkled with Pasolivo Sriracha Sea Salt or Ghost Pepper Salt.

Bagel toasted with Pasolivo Tangerine Olive Oil, topped with chocolate hazelnut spread, sliced bananas and a sprinkle of Pasolivo Sugar & Spice Blend.

Bagel brushed with Pasolivo Lemon Olive Oil, topped with Pasolivo Artichoke Lemon Tapenade, fresh tomatoes and onions, and sprinkled with Pasolivo Spring Blend.

Bagel brushed with Pasolivo Garlic-Lemon Olive Oil, topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon with a sprinkle of Pasolivo Seafood Blend or Pasolivo Smokey Spice Blend.

Let us know how which is your favorite!

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