How To Make Olive Oil Ricotta Toast

We’ll show you how to perfectly toast this brioche using olive oil and how to create this special ricotta topping. For extra flavor, add raspberry preserves on top!


• Brioche, sliced

• 1 cup Ricotta Cheese

• 1 1/2 Tbsp Pasolivo Sugar & Spice Blend

• 1 Tbsp Pasolivo Tangerine Olive Oil

Pasolivo Orange Blossom Honey, to taste

• Sprinkle Pasolivo Kosher Flake Sea Salt

• Raspberry preserves, optional



To make ricotta topping, combine ricotta, Sugar & Spice Blend, honey, and salt.  Taste and adjust based on desired sweetness.

Warm pan with 1 Tbsp Pasolivo Tangerine Olive Oil.  Place slice of brioche on pan and move it around every minute or so to get an even toast. When golden brown, flip and repeat.

Spread ricotta mixture onto toasted brioche.  Add an extra drizzle of honey and, if desired, raspberry preserves or fresh berries.



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