5 Valentine’s Day Gifts from Pasolivo That Will Make Your Evening Remarkable

It seems like Valentine’s Day gifts are becoming more and more predictable. Beyond flowers, which are still mandatory, the traditional gifts are more likely to get a polite smile and “thank you” than to truly wow.

We’ve put together a list of 5 gifts from our shop that will make the heart of your health-conscious Beloved go pitter patter. We’ll leave it to you to decide whether it’s for you or the gifts.

Pasolivo Press Club Membership




This is the gift that will bring you to mind all year long. You can gift them your choice of 2 or 3 shipments of our quality products over the next 12 months. It’s perfect if your partner loves to cook, eat good food, is interested in living a healthy lifestyle, or is always looking for all-natural, locally sourced products.

The next shipment is in March, so you might want to pick up a couple small items to go along with it. If we might be so bold, we might suggest our all-natural artisan bar soap bundle or our Olio Nuovo and enough pour spouts to allow them to keep their soon-to-be very respectable EVOO collection conveniently accessible near their cooking station.

The Blend Collection

625x625theblendSometimes a little bit of flavor can make the difference in putting a dish over the top while maintaining its healthy attributes.

If your valentine loves good food but is always trying to find healthy substitutes that don’t sacrifice flavor, this is a gift they will love. A little suggestion to go along with it, offer to make dinner together once a week where you try new recipes that use the different flavors represented in the gift set.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection

625x625extravirgincollectionOur premier collection of EVOO blends are milled tree-to-table within an hour of harvesting.

Whether you’re interested in the health benefits of intense polyphenols, or you know that your partner will love the complex flavor experience that comes with fresh ingredients, our Pasolivo EVOO Collection is a can’t-miss gift for the cook or foodie in your life.

The Spicy Dipper’s Delight Collection


Valentine’s Day is about passion and infusing some heat back into relationships that sometimes get a little bland over time. Our Spicy Dipper Collection will do the same for your palate and menu.

This bundle includes the our Basil Olive Oil, Tuscan Balsamic Vinegar, and Spicy Italian seasoning that every person who craves a little heat on their plate could ask for. We even include the dedicated dipping dish. Feel free to break it out and feed each other.

The Lavender Bath and Body Collection


There are two directions to go with Valentine’s Day. You can use it to inject some passion and excitement or you can use it to pamper your partner with some much needed rest and relaxation.

If your partner would probably prefer the latter, we’ve put together a Lavender Bath and Body Collection that will be compliment a night of romantic spa experiences. Couple this with a rose petaled bath, scented candles, soft music, and of course some locally sourced Paso Robles wine and you will be sure to let your partner know that they are appreciated and loved.



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