Usher in the Spring with This Multi-Course Easter Feast

Whether you’re celebrating Easter with your family, or you just want to usher in spring with a feast for your closest friends, this menu provides the perfect blend of the savory flavors associated with colder weather and the subtle zing and freshness that come with warmer temperatures.

Hors d’Oeuvres

becdfe3131b5ba71c9057462e8226793--olive-oil-bread-dip-italian-restaurantsTuscan Dipping Blend

A dipping blend served with bread or crostinies is a great way to encourage conversation while opening your guests palates for the main dishes being prepared in the kitchen.

spring_herb_lrg_1Spring Herb Dip

This hors d’oeuvre is a great compliment to the Tuscan Dipping blend. This dip has a clean, fresh finish and is perfect when served with a veggie plate and can also be served up as a dip for the entree.


625x625chickenItalian Chicken

This is your centerpiece and the foundation of your feast. While everyone else goes for the Easter ham, you’re going to switch it up by serving up a healthier alternative that packs more taste into every mouthful.


mushrooms_lr-732_cnvPasolivo Roasted Mushrooms

Serve these separate or as a garnish to your moist, golden-brown chicken. These mushrooms will make even your pickiest eaters rave by adding a complimenting texture to your other dishes.

roasted_vegetables_with_maple_fig_and_caper_vinaigrette_lrgRoasted Vegetables with Maple, Fig, and Caper Vinaigrette

Lots of tables will have a plate of roasted vegetables, but few will have a flavor profile highlighted by the subtle sweetness of Pasolivo Maple, Fig and Caper Vinaigrette. Deliciousness is in the details.

roasted_lavender_potatoes_lrgRoasted Potatoes with Herbs de Provence

Our roasted potatoes will tie the meal together by using the same Herbs de Provence as the Italian Chicken. They will not only tie the flavors and colors of the meal together, but will add a great texture, flavor, and hearty substance to each plate.


625x625tuscancakeTuscan Tangerine Cake

We can think of no greater way to finish off your meal than with our Tuscan Tangerine Cake. The fresh, subtle sweetness is an excellent finish to the complex tastes of your spring feast. Serve it with after-dinner coffee or tea for the perfect culinary closing ceremonies.

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