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How do you store olive oil?

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Olive oil is a household pantry staple. Many people store it near the stove for convenience or style. However, that can be harmful for three reasons: heat, light and air. In this week’s blog, we’ll explain how to properly store extra virgin olive oil and keep it fresh for as long as possible. 

Should olive oil be stored in the fridge?

Not everything is fresher in the refrigerator. Pasolivo’s Olive Oil Sommelier Marisa Bloch Gaytan says avoid storing evoo in the fridge because it can affect its taste and health benefits. Olive oil will solidify and then thin out at room temperature, but repeating that action will break down its chemical components and lower its quality. Gaytan suggests keeping your healthy olive oil out of the fridge, away from the stove and away from windows. You should also avoid placing olive oil on top of the fridge where it can get hot. 

Where should I store olive oil?

The best place to store olive oil is in a cool, dry and dark cupboard. If you’re unsure whether or not your oil has gone rancid, we suggest a smell test. Fresh quality olive oil smells bright, earthy and clean, but old olive oil may smell like crayons or glue. Remember to protect your olive oil from the three major enemies: heat, light and air. We also recommend using it quickly and buying good quality olive oil for its extended shelf life, health benefits and sophisticated flavors.

How does light harm olive oil?

Light is another major enemy to olive oil. Too much direct sunlight will degrade its quality and remove healthful antioxidants through a series of chemical reactions. 

Why the Pasolivo black bottle?

Pasolivo’s dark, iconic and sophisticated black bottle is designed to block out the harmful effects of light. Clear, light-colored or even dark-colored glass bottles won’t protect from exposure and plastic bottles can leach toxins such as BPA. That’s why Pasolivo completely blacks out its glass bottle.

How long can I keep my olive oil?

Pasolivo’s award winning extra virgin olive oil has a shelf life of about three years, but once you open the bottle we suggest using it sooner rather than later. Just like heat and light, it’s important to protect your evoo from air. Too much oxygen will damage the oil and make it go rancid. Keep a cork in your bottle or use a sealed pour spout to minimize oxidation. We also suggest consuming your olive oil within 30 to 60 days of opening. 

What is the best olive oil for cooking?

Quality extra virgin olive oil is always the best choice for cooking. After that, just pick your favorite flavor and enjoy the experience. At Pasolivo, our master blender uses twelve different varietals to produce award winning oils. We offer several blends such as our Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We also have flavored oils such as Red Jalapeno Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil and Garlic-Lemon Olive Oil.  To view more flavors, click here.



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