An Easy Four-Course Valentine’s Day Meal That Will Romance Your Palate

Planning a meal for Valentine’s Day when it’s on a weekend is stressful. If it’s on a Wednesday, it can lead to a state of full-blown panic. Sure, you could just celebrate on the weekend, but pulling it off on February 14th lets your partner know that they are worth a little extra time and preparation.

We applaud that kind of romantic ambition, and to reward you, have went ahead and laid out a four course meal that is easy to prep, cook, and plate any day of the week, but particularly the days that call for a little extra romance.

Click each menu item below for directions and a complete ingredient list.

The Starter

625x625strawberrysaladRomaine, Fruit and Pesto Salad

This salad brings the same bold flavor as a well-delivered pick-up-line. It’s not meant to stand on its own, but it will raise intrigue and keep your partner wondering what comes next.

Feel free to substitute you and your partner’s favorite fruits to give it that custom look and feel that lets them know you are paying attention.

 The Entree

Balsamic-Brown-Sugar-Lamb-Chops-1-570x380Lamb Chops with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction Sauce

For the main course, we’ve brought you a savory lamb chop set off by the fruity tang of a blackberry balsamic reduction that accentuates the bold flavors in the lamb for a truly balanced and memorable experience.

The Accompaniment

brus.spro_frontview_productsCrispy Smoky Roasted Brussels Sprout

Our favorite vegetable pairing with savory meat is something from the Brassica Oleracea family—broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and others all stem from that singular plant.

Of all of its family, we think that Brussels Sprout is the most underrated. If it’s been awhile since you’ve tried these sprouts, we think this would be an excellent time for you to revisit them.

The Dessert

ff672f0c61b0e11b06abd6be60504470Tangerine Olive Oil Brownies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like dessert. Chocolate decadence is frequently on the menu, but we’ve paired that traditional flavor of cocoa with a complementing but not overpowering tangerine profile that will have you both licking your fingers and your plate.



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